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Fire Season
The story of a small airstrip caught in a raging forest fire, Fire...
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Help and FAQ

Article archive is a searchable directory of user-created content. For users, it is a way to search multiple content sites. For content providers, it is a backlink and revenue share.

There are two main areas of the site:

Using the site

Control Panel
The right-hand column is the login or control panel. It lets you manage your account, bookmark articles and create folders. It also allows you to access the pages to link your content to the site.

Left Panel
The left-hand column displays site details, and on article pages shows the details of the content submitter, along with their feature items and access to their profiles on other sites.

Bookmarking Links

You can bookmark a link to save it in your profile for further reference. Bookmarks can simply be saved, or organised by labels that you create and name. Labels can be called anything: "FruitRecipes", "Aircraft" or "JaneEyreEssayforFriday", but only accept letters and numbers.

Featured Links While bookmarks are not usually shared, you also have the option to save a link as a Feature. These links will be displayed on your profile page and, for content submitters, on their article sidebar.

Submitting Content

This directory does have one major difference: while anyone can bookmark or share the links here, only the content creators - writers, editors, publishers - or people with the rights to the content may submit it intially. If you see an article you think should be here, please drop a note to the article owner.

Adding Links To submit your content, check your "Content Feeds" page. You can add feeds from supported sites, validate them, and then click "Add Pages" to automatically create links to all your pages on that site. They will be added to the keyword search over night.

You do not add these to categories manually: the search will apply categories when it creates the links.

Revenue Sharing Content Providers/submitters can submit a Google Adsense code. This code is applied to the Google Ad in the user's sidebar on all the pages for links they submit.

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